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Obsolete EB Smith Club

EBSC using Evite

Electronic invitations & communication
We have started using Evite for book club and other events because it provides a simple way to track responses and for attendees to see who else will attend which can assist with carpooling, etc. We always list events as private, so they are not advertised (only where we list the link, such as on this website). In response to concerns about getting more junk email because of Evite, we checked the Evite privacy policy. See below.

The relevant section of Evite's privacy policy:
4.   Use Of Guest Contact Information:

We use your guests' contact information to allow them to respond to and comment on your Evite invitation. At your request, we may send reminders to your guests and display their e-mail addresses to your other guests. We also may send a post-event e-mail to you and your guests. If you use our Reminders service, we use the information you provide in your Reminders to send it to you and others to whom you have requested it be sent.
Evite does not sell, share or otherwise provide any guests contact information you give to us with any third party without your consent, unless required by law, court order or as required to technically operate the service.

You may delete your e-mail address from the guest list by requesting to be removed from the guest list on the invitation page. Once your e-mail address is removed from the guest list, it will no longer be accessible to other guests (unless you are subsequently invited to another party, in which case your e-mail address will be accessible to guests of the new event).

Whether this makes you sufficiently comfortable or not is of course, up to you. When we create the EBSC Evites, it is as a "private" event, not posted on any search engines. However, that doesn't mean that clever email searching applications by nefarious people can't figure out how to get your email address through Evite. Another option is to hide the guest list, but that makes it hard for people to arrange carpooling, etc.